We offer introduction to balanced eating for healthy skin and nutritional well-being since beauty is more than skin deep. It is a simple program aimed to assist with weight loss and the maintenance of healthy weight, lowering blood sugar levels and aiding with cholesterol and blood pressure issues. We start with an initial analysis of the clients present daily intake as well as supplements, then introduce the first week of our program. We are not represented by any diet or vitamin company, nor do we sell vitamins.

1 hr. $40.00

Please feel free to discuss any questions you may have about our nutrition program with our esthetician.

To assist in weight loss some clients enjoy the use of our Infrared Sauna. You can begin any treatment with a 15 min. service for $20.00. This is a wonderful way to warm-up and start your day. 30 min. will normally burn approximately 600 calories. For more information on our saunas and their benefits, please visit

* Prices and services are subject to change without notice.
* * Please note that taxes are not included in the price