Through a series of specialized procedures and with a professional skin analysis, we deep cleanse and hydrate your skin. Only products high in organic, active ingredients and essential oils and are used during our facials. We customize each session to the requirements of our client and all creams and vials included in price.

1  ½ hrs.              $85.00
Men’s Facial    $75. 00

AHA and Enzyme Masks

This facial uses a combination of glycolic, tartaric, lactic and citric or fruit enzymes to gently exfoliated the upper layers of the skin while promoting cell renewal in the deeper. This is usually preformed in a series of weekly treatments and a special price will be given.

This types of facials are excellent for hyperpigmentation sun damage and resurfacing.

Treatment should not be preformed from May to September due to sun exposure. Please speak with our esthetician for details.

1 hr. per session 6-8 treatments 2 weeks apart+ home care night creme  :request price package 

Add to any Facial Lip/Eye Treatment $20.00